The first recipient of this award was Clyde A. Fulton.  It was awarded to Clyde as a community service award during the 1980-1981 Rotary year.  The following list are the yearly recipients of this Community Service Award.

1982-83       *Eldred Toutant

1983-84       Daryl Baker

1984-85       *Stuart Bearup

1985-86       *Gordon Sparks

1986-87       *Jo Johnson

1987-88       *Herbert Black

1988-89       *Jud Richardson

1989-90      *Darrell Cook

1990-91      *B. Phillip Brown

1991-92      *Stuart Graham

1992-93      *Robert Fulton

1993-94      Fred Darin

1994-95     *William F. Powers

1995-96     *Andy Nicolaou

1996-97     *Rod Yates

1997-98     Richard Trumley

1998-99     Chuck Grundstrom

1999-00     *Frank Pawli

2000-01     *William White

2001-02     Donald Sovey

2002-03     Richard Johnson

2003-04     Edward Foster

2004-05     Jeannette Sommer

2005-06     *Evelo Fulton

2006-07     *James Maatsch

2007-08     *Floyd Jewell

2008-09     Judge Thomas Eveland

2009-10     James G. Crandall

2010-11     *John Gaedert

2011-12     Randy Crandell

2012-13     Christi Dutcher

2013-14    *Donna W. Johnson

2014-15    Doug Buck

2015-16    Marty  Latchaw

2016-17    Lori Pray

2017-18    Matt Rush

2018-19    *Mike Bruce

2019-20    Paul Wilson

2020-21    Joseph Eugene Pray

2021-22   Linda L. Foster

2022-23   Barbara Fulton

* Deceased



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Our club meets weekly on Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30. We meet at the Maple Brook Golf Club from April first though October at 681 Lansing Road. Then from November through March we meet at the Thirsty Bird Bar and Kitchen at 208 S. Cochran Ave.
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